LETTER: Time to make a world-class city

Written by admin on 19/06/2018 Categories: 苏州美甲学校

I WANT to congratulate Tim Owen and his political colleagues in various tiers of government on representing the interests of Newcastle and the region (‘‘A chance to polish the jewel in our crown’’ Herald 29/6).

It is a delight to see such positive momentum.

The region is a major economic driver in this state – a producer and not just a consumer.

I also support the observations of Julie Ainsworth (‘‘Blessed, beautiful, now let’s get busy’’ Herald 29/6) and her call to our community to rise above the things that divide us for those that unite us.

We could do better to focus on that which will make this city more attractive to appropriate investors, to potential residents and to visitors alike, taking its rightful place as a modern world-class city – and not because we just say it, or wish it but because we make it so.

Greg Budworth, Garden Suburb

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