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A night spent in the back of a car is often out of necessity, convenience, for thrills or a right of passage.
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The experience can be endearing or tedious – think cold morning air, fogged-up windows and dishevelled hair. But it is usually always memorable.

Most Australians can vouch for sleeping it rough in a vehicle at least once in their lifetime. Some can even lay claim to being conceived in the back of a car.

So in honour of those circumnavigating Australia or planning a budget trip to the snow, Drive has assembled a list of the five best sleeping cars.1. Holden Sandman

The Sandman is the doyen of all sleeper cars.

Developed by Holden and sold on the sales pitch of ‘a vehicle for work and weekend’, the Sandman became deeply etched in the popular surf culture of the ’70s.

On top of GTS dash and steering wheel inserts, many owners individualised their Sandmans with features including shagpile carpet, analogue televisions or pedestal fans.

Despite the sales moniker “Everything is standard except the paint job”, original models can be hard to track nowadays, particularly those in good condition.

The Sandman was sold from 1974 to 1979 (HQ to HZ) and equipped with the choice of a six-cylinder or eight-cylinder engine.

Like the drive-in movies they were once (rather notoriously) synonymous with, Sandmans are few and far between nowadays.2. Volkswagen Kombi

The Volkswagen Kombi is the iconic campervan.

Introduced in 1950, the Kombi joined the Beetle as the second tier to Volkswagen’s burgeoning line-up. By the ’60s, it was the poster car of the hippy movement.

Today, original Kombis are an appreciating commodity. A quick browse of drive南京夜网.au yielded few results under $10,000, but there plenty in the five-figure range.

Sadly, Volkswagen will formally end production of the Kombi this year because of more stringent safety rules.3. Toyota LandCruiser troop carrier

Here is a vehicle that can accommodate and navigate in some of the most extreme circumstances imaginable.

The only candidate listed with a high ground clearance and four-wheel drive capability, Toyota’s troop carrier is a popular choice of travellers and residents in outback Australia.

The current 70 series (produced from 1984 to present) replaced the 40 series, which included the FJ40.

Most troopies are equipped with in-line six-cylinder diesel engines. In 2007, Toyota upped the ante and introduced a 4.5-litre turbo diesel V8 to the range.

It is not uncommon to find a tinnie or canoe strapped to the roof of a troop carrier. And with space for 11 seated adults, they are also a favourite for footy trips and pub runs.4. Volvo 240 station wagon

Volvos are traditionally known for their safety features and ability to raise the ire of other motorists. But it turns out they are quite capable in accommodating occupants, too.

The Volvo 240 was one of the first passenger cars to be fitted with split fold seats, with the feature dating back to some models from the 1980s. According to wagon owners, the layout allows enough room for a double mattress with the seats down.

About one-third of all 240s sold worldwide were station wagons which featured an admirable cargo space of 1.2 cubic metres.5. Toyota HiAce

A favourite among surfers, motocross riders and kart racers, the HiAce is undoubtedly the sleeping choice for Gen Y drivers.

Launched in 1967, the latest generation model (2004-present) comes equipped with a choice of refined 2.7-litre petrol or 2.5-litre turbo diesel engines, plus a host of safety features which separate it from early iterations.

One overriding issue for HiAce guests is the bulky wheel arches which protrude from the floor. Many people have overcome the problem by building an elevated timber floor, which also gives more space for luggage or surf boards.

HiAce owners have followed their forebears in individualising their trusty steeds, adding subwoofers and DVD players, among other personal touches.

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