Seal our street

KERANG residents are petitioning the Gannawarra Shire Council to see a dusty gravel road sealed with bitumen.
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Nine residents and users of Pyramid Crescent have called on the council to see a gravel section between Cleeland Place and Victoria Street sealed.

The road reserve extends from East Street through to Victoria Street. Access is only available from the East Street end through to Fogarty Lane.

Pyramid Crescent resident, Jim McLeish wrote a letter to council with signatures from other residents aggrieved with the state of the road.

“At the moment the dust is atrocious. After it rains the road is nearly impassable and dangerous at the Cleeland Place end,” he said.

Mr McLeish said Pyramid Crescent is one of the few streets in Kerang that is not bitumen.

“We pay the same rates as everybody else,” he said.

Gannawarra Shire Council says sealing the road would only benefit a small number of properties and have a minimal community benefit for utilising council funds.

At the monthly council meeting on Wednesday, infrastructure, planning and regulatory services director, Geoff Rollinson recommended officers investigate and gauge the financial support of the residents for the development of the special charges scheme.

Mr Rollinson provided estimate sealing construction costs of $51,000 plus $20,200 for drainage.

Council would need to allocate within the 10-year capital works plan for no less than $18,000.

“Council currently has a list of roads where some community benefit would be achieved if funding for upgrades became available,” Mr Rollinson said.

“Pyramid Crescent does not appear on that list.”

Prior to the formation of the Gannawarra Shire Council, the Borough of Kerang did not see the sealing of the road as a significant community benefit as a “no-through road” with primary access to only two dwellings.

The council has used a road dust suppression product on the section of road for dust control.

Officers will prepare a report for presentation at the August council meeting.

DUSTY, DAMP: The northern section of Pyramid Crescent.

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Connor concern

MEANDER Valley Councillor Andrew Connor dismisses recent letters from the public who express concern about the National Broadband Network (Letters, June 27).
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This follows him referring to people who attended an NBN forum I hosted with Malcolm Turnbull recently as “senior citizens” and nowhere near representative of the community.

Mr Connor stated at the forum that there was no need to undertake a business case for the billions being spent on the NBN and has incorrectly referred to the existing copper network as simply rotting in the ground. It will be news to many scientists that copper rots!

As an elected representative, Mr Connor should be more considerate and respectful of public views that don’t coincide with his zealous defence of Labor’s poorly-considered broadband plans.

– ANDREW NIKOLIC, Liberal Candidate for Bass.

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Lacking evidence

THE response from Road Safety Advisory Council chairman John Gledhill to the editorial by Martin Gilmour regarding the implementation of the 90km/h speed limit on certain roads failed to produce any hard evidence to support the proposal.
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Instead he focused on an emotional argument, which would suggest the proponents of the proposal are desperate to get the message over the line in the face of growing opposition from councils and the public at large.

Eighty per cent of the submissions to the Legislative Council Select Committee were opposed to the proposal, but it would seem the Minister is hell- bent on progressing the changes.

The more recent letter by DIER secretary Norm McIlfatrick also avoids providing hard evidence to support the proposal and instead raises the spurious argument of scientific data as the criteria instead of looking at the real world situation.

Have any of these scientific data experts ever driven on the Cradle Mountain link road at 90km/h as just one example? It’s a recipe for inattentive driving.

Like many other drivers I am not convinced that a reduction in speed will achieve the claimed objective of 100 less serious injuries and fatalities over six years.

As I said previously – commonsense needs to prevail as well as a rational look at the real facts.

– BARRY OLIVER, Newnham.

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Traffic control

AN IDEA that could prove beneficial to the current discussions of traffic control on our main highways.
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Tasmania’s rather unique road systems don’t lend to signage as perhaps other states do and I suggest there be a colour-coded centre line replacing the present white marker and coded to the colour depicting the given speed for that area, making the driver aware at all times of the speed zone he or she is travelling in.

Signage on our roads today is mostly ignored, therefore promoting speeding, but with a code line the person driving cannot be unaware of the correct km/h they are governed to, while in so many cases today drivers are unaware of signs no matter how expensive they are.

– GEOFF SMEDLEY, Launceston.

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Calisthenics College raises funds for new costumes 

STAWELL – Grampians Calisthenics College held a successfulMother’s Day raffle this year, raising almost five hundred dollars to purchasenew costumes.
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Ava Duxson was first prize winner and she received a onenight bed and breakfast stay at the Mercure Hotel in Melbourne.

Michelle McKay took home second prize, a Hello Gorgeous $100gift basket and Sarah Harrison was drawn third and received a basket of goodiesfrom Stawell Florist, Stawell Craft Shop, Lorraine Lea Linen and WestwayNursery.

Grampians Calisthenics College would like to thank everyonewho supported the club by purchasing tickets as well as Shop On Main for theirsupport in allowing the college to sell tickets in their establishment.

The College also expresses its thanks to Mercure HotelMelbourne, Hello Gorgeous, Stawell Florist, Stawell Craft Shop, Lorraine LeaLinen and Westway Nursery for their raffle prize donations.

The raffle raised a total of $490.

Pictured celebrating a successful raffle (back) Michelle McKay, Ava Duxson and Cheryl Duxson; (front) Ebony Harrison and Jimmy Duxson.

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Political ads

HOW ironic to see an article (The Examiner, June 27) on page 5 about “no more negative politics … The new Kevin 013 way”.
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Closely followed by an advertisement directly below promoting the exact negative spin, authorised by Senator Helen Polley!

These ads no doubt are paid for by the mug taxpayer as usual, just like the full page ones by Geoff Lyons.

I’d suggest a disclaimer at bottom of any political ads, saying if it was privately funded, or taxpayer-funded.

Any potential candidate who actually tells us how much their ads cost (out of their own pockets) will get my humble vote.

– N. MOORE, Perth.

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Production praise

I WENT to see Launceston College’s production of Hairspray – what can I say, congratulations, well done to all involved.
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It was a truly great production.

What great talent we have.

– L. SCALES, Punchbowl.

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Speed signs

IF our fearless leaders were to erect appropriate signage indicating the recommended speeds for our roads I would have no argument.
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Instead, they wish to legislate maximum speed limits for which the only outcome will be that people capable of driving at 100km/h will be persecuted by the usual methods.

– PAUL CHISHOLM, Launceston.

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Body of work pays off 

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ROSIE Trimble has returned from another bodybuilding competition with a podium finish, making the hard work of coming back from a lay-off well worth it.

Trimble’s second competition after about 18 months off was the International Natural Bodybuilding Association All Females national titles in Melbourne on June 23.

Competing in the masters physique, she was competing against five other women and placed third.

While Trimble thought she looked a lot better than when she competed at Wagga in the International Natural Bodybuilding Association NSW titles in April, she put much of her success on the day down to a change in routine.

“I felt more confident when I got up there,” Trimble said.

“I ate more on the day. I had a big muffin, strawberry and white chocolate. The biggest one I could find. I had a normal breakfast, but then didn’t eat the muffin all at once.

“I think it just helped me because it was going to be a long day. I think that muffin hit the spot.”

Trimble placed behind two competitors who finished top-two last year, but there positions were reversed in 2013.

“I was just lacking in the shoulders,” Trimble said. “I have to work on my shoulders.”

There were 200 women all up on a long day of competition. Trimble arrived at the venue at 3pm and after thinking she would be competing at 3.30pm, didn’t hit the stage until 6.30pm.

Trimble will now have a short break, before deciding on her next competitive move.

“We’ll see what my condition is like when I get back from holidays,” she said.

“If I haven’t put too much weight on, I wouldn’t mind doing one at the end of September or October.”

ROSIE Trimble competes at the International Natural Bodybuilding Association All Females last month.

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Second half brings Greens undone

Group 20 rugby league
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LEETON Greens’ undefeated season has come to a crashing halt after suffering a 38-26 loss to two-time reigning premiers West Wyalong at Ron Crowe Oval on Sunday.

The Greens started well, leading at the half-time break, before a second half that coach Willie McDonald labelled as “shocking”.

“It was disappointing to lose, we were up at half-time and it was anyone’s game at that stage, but it was more of a case of who wanted to win the game more,” McDonald said.

“I think they came out in the second half more enthusiastic, played at a higher tempo with their experienced players controlling the game.”

The Greens simply gave the Mallee Men too many opportunities to score with poor handling and ball security in the second half.

“They had countless repeat sets and we just dropped too much ball to be competitive,” McDonald said.

“I don’t care how good you are, if you drop that much ball, especially against a quality team against like West Wyalong, you are never going to come away with the result you want.

“I thought our defense was pretty good even though the scoreline blew out, but we just wore ourselves out with the amount of ball they had.”

Despite losing for the first time this season, the Kiwi coach doesn’t think it will change the team’s preparation too much ahead of Sunday’s clash with Darlington Point-Coleambally.

“It will be a bit of a wake up call to everyone that we still have a lot of work to do,” he said.

“We definitely can’t afford to take any team lightly and we will need to prepare better.

“They showed us the style of footy that you need to play coming into the second half of the season – just good controlled footy.”

“We won’t be changing too much stuff but just work on the little things.”

Sam Eisenhut was named the team’s players player with McDonald also praising Kolo Lomu’s two-try effort as one of the highlights for the team.

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